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Inverse, BOSH and connecting

Hi All,

I posted some time ago on the following thread: Easiest way for Openfire + BOSH + Converse.js and I’ve retaken the project on getting access to openfire via the web as a coronavirus measure for work.

Great news, it works. Sad news, only locally.

I’m really hoping someone may be able to help as I’m a little lost on why and I’m not sure where the hiccup lies.

My webserver and openfire on are 2 different servers. My webserver is Apache 2.4 and http-bind is setup and working via the proxypass. I can easily get to the inverse login page from either an internal or external connection.

When I try to login from an external connection it just sits there “connecting…” and never finishes the process.

I cannot see anything in the apache logs other than the passthru to get to inverse page. I cannot see anything in the openfire logs where it maybe falling over.

The only thing I can put my finger on is the proxypass. I presently have it set to the internal local machine as it is not web accessible. Should I open it up so it can be access via the web? Or is that the while point of proxypass?