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IQProvider: Similar class names, update for 4.5?

Smack version: 4.5-alpha2-snapshot (78ffcae88085fae5987ddea046a6c35d3fbee126)

This is basically identical to Similar class names make it impossible to develop on Windows and Similar class names, would you reconsider?.

It’s still a pain to work with these two nearly identical class names. For one it’s utterly confusing, and the workaround on Windows does not work (none of the dev-tools can deal with the setting, starting with Git).

Now that Smack 4.5 is pending, please at least deprecate the old IQProvider class if you really cannot remove it just yet. There were more radical breaking changes in the past, so I think it could be justified to just drop it and move the remaining methods into IqProvider (as deprecated if necessary).


@Ingo_Bauersachs: I really appreciate your post.

It is linked to:

I have done a PR here:

The plan is still to migrate all remaining usages of IQProvider to IqProvider (which, ideally, should not involve moving methods from the old IQProvider to IqProvider). This is somewhere on my TODO list, but not high up. If someone wants to help wtih this, then this would be much appreciated.

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