Similar class names, would you reconsider?

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What happened with this one? I wanted to debug things and find my IDE and environment broken because of the same class name.
What is the workaround you use for that, can you share at least that, it will be useful for all those from the community that came across this?


@guus offered to replace the remaining use-sites of IQProvider with the newer IqProvider. I ask him to wait with this until the 4.4 branch was created, which will happen in 4-6 weeks.

I did? Happy to help, but I don’t recall volunteering. :grin:

Maybe I misunderstood your emoji back then:

20200426T19:53:37Z 000 <Guus> I’d opt to remove or rename the deprecated API. Many developers cannot replace their development environment.
20200426T20:02:40Z 000 <flow> Guus, I’m plan to branch out 4.4 in the next 4-6 weeks. After that, you are welcome to submit a PR removing the deprecated API from the master
20200426T20:04:04Z 000 <Guus> :+1:

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Pending removal of the deprecated API, some pointers have been added to the documentation that describe work-arounds for Mac and Windows.