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Issue in Setting up Openfire cluster - version 4.4.0

Hello there,

I am setting up cluster in two openfire nodes, using OF server version 4.4.0.

I am facing issue in enabling/disabling the cluster, attaching the error logs hereOpenfireCluster.log (117.4 KB) .

I don’t see any issue in the configuration, as I was using the same configuration with 4.3.2 OF server version & it was working fine. Has anything changed or any configuration change in OF server version 4.4.0?

Can some one please suggest if this is an issue or how can I resolve this.

Thank you in advance.

There’s a known bug in 4.4.0 that prevents clustering from working - https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-1808

You’ll have to wait until 4.4.1 is released, or try a nightly build.


Thanks Greg for your reply, any expected date of release for 4.4.1?

I am trying to see if this is resolved: Openfire Cluster with REST API Plugin - Create Chat Room Not Propagating to other members