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Maximum active user Openfire can handle?

I have searched in the forum but I could not find current information about this topic.

Our system aims 5 million users and needs a small response time. I found an answer from 2012 which Alex claims that one Openfire server can handle 200.000 active users.

So do you think this is true? Also what is the current maximum active connection Openfire can handle for now? (Openfire 3.9.3)

Can someone suggest an approximate number?

Thats depends on what you want to do.

If you have one MUC channel where 200k user can chat together, that would be very hard for openfire.

If you have 200k users connected and only 1 to 1 communication is allowed, that could be managed by openfire.

If you have 200k pub/sub communication, that should be also be managed by openfire.

Thanks for the reply,

Firstly, only 1-to-1 chat is available. There can be some MUCs but not big size.

What about roster size? These numbers are valid for roster size of 0?

Also If I need 1 million concurrent connections, It means I need to cluster 5 openfire servers?

Can someone suggest what is the current maximum active connection Openfire can handle in 3.9.3 version?

I have installed the new version openfire(3.9.3) in 8GB RAM Linux machine with RHEL 6 OS and allocated 6GB Heap Memory for openfire.

When i run a Load test with Jmeter, i am facing “Exception in thread “Jetty-QTP-BOSH-49” java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: unable to create new native thread” exception after 1000 active connection.

I can reach only 1000 maximum active connection in my Openfire server.

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When you see limits around 1,000, that is almost always a system limit on open file descriptors. check out /etc/security/limits.conf

Yeah, we had the same problem.

On a V-Server we got only around 1k users. We switched to a root server …and had 70k users at the same time without any trouble. Could have gone for more…but we did run out of client machines that could simulate users on the server