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Messages Not Being Delivered To Users


We are running Openfire 4.6.1 and Spark 2.9.4. When users type a message to another user, the end user gets the notification that the other person is typing a message, but when the sender sends the message, nothing shows up on the other end.

This doesn’t appear to be happening to everyone, just a few users here and there.

The environment is Cloud Based running on CentOS 8.

Everything had been running fine it seemed until updating Openfire 4.6.0 to 4.6.1. At least no one had said anything to me.

In the server control panel, I can look at the archive and find the conversation in question, and it shows the entire conversation.

I’m going to check the firewall and see if there was an update that started blocking something, but there shouldn’t have. I have also enabled Debugging on the server to see if anything pops up in there.

Other than that, I am at a loss. Anyone have any ideas where to start?

Curious. Are you using any plugins? Does this affect one-on-one message, messages in a group chat, or both? Have affected people logged in with more than one device at the same time? Does the message show up in the archive that is local to their client (maybe it’s delivered, but not displayed for some reason)?

I have the Monitoring Service plugin installed, but other than that, just the defaults. I just checked the local logs on a couple of affected devices and the messages are not there. It’s just odd that the receiving end is getting the notification that a message is being typed, and then nothing ever shows up, but the server logs show the messages.

I do sign in from multiple devices, but I created a separate account for each one as I had problems using the same username and password to sign in on multiple devices in the past, so I just created individual accounts. The account for my mobile works great using the Yaxim client, and my account on my laptop at home seems to work just fine. It’s my machine at the office and a few others that seem to be having this issue.

Just noticed something else. When messaging from my phone to my office computer, as long as I don’t view the new incoming message, my office computer receives every message. Once I bring that window to the front, incoming messages stop being delivered. When I close that windows, new messages are delivered again as long as the new popup is not brought to the front. I’m thinking this is a Spark issue instead of Openfire. I’m going to try with another client(Pidgin) and see if that helps.

Installed Pidgin. Not missing any messages anymore. Does the installer for Spark make any registry entries or anything? I’d rather use Spark(better interface), so if I could completely remove every trace of it and reinstall, maybe it would start working correctly again.

I know it stores things in the users AppData\Roaming\Spark folder and %PROGRAMFILES(x86)%\Spark folder, but does it place anything else in the registry or another folder?

I’m kind of baffled by this behaviour. I can’t think of anything that could cause this. I would love to be able to reproduce this.

I do not think that Spark puts anything relevant (if anything at all) in Windows’ registry.

It’s been working perfectly for years. About 4 months ago we moved the server to the Cloud, and still had been working great. I’m wondering if an update from Windows might have corrupted something, who knows. I will try cleaning out everything I can find for Spark and reinstalling it to see if that corrects the problem. Right now, I at least know a work around for the other users having this problem. I might just push out a Pidgin install to every workstation just so that it’s there.

If anything else crosses your mind, feel free to add. Anything…

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You can enable Debugger in Spark (in Advanced menu on login screen). Run Spark with it, then watch the incoming Raw data. if you see messages there, but not in the chat window, then this is related to other similar issues that were fixed in previous Spark versions, when offline messages or private messages in group chat were not being shown (but received according to debugger). I see another similar report Spark 2.9.4 : Refresh bug in a Room screen

I am guessing Openfire 4.6.1 changed something and now Spark is failing to parse messages.

Of course, you can still try clean reinstall and using a fresh Spark profile (rename C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark to Spark_old and start with fresh profile).

If this is a bug in Spark, this will be problematic as we are in the middle of big changes in current code and can’t release new version quickly…

Can you disable the monitoring plug in and see you’re able to reproduce the issue?

I will try these suggestions this afternoon and see if they help with the problem.