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Messages not shown on recipient chat window

New here. I have not found exactly my issue in the backlog.

So i have an openfire server docker linux version 4.6.6 an clients with spark 2.9.4 on windows.

The issue is that sometimes, randomly, sended messages never reach the receiver’s window or maybe only reach the first message but not the following ones. But message shows sended in the sender window and in the server.

The only clue we see is when user logoff from windows AD in event viewer we found messages like: “windows cannot copy file c:\users\user\appData\roaming\spark\users\transcript to \UNC\servername\profile\username…” meaning that cannot sync the roaming profile with local files. But, permissions are right, most messages reach correctly and we add the options to not sync the spark path with the roaming profile (only local) via registry.

Today i have updated server to 4.7.1. Hope it helps.

Can i get some help here?

Thank you so much.


You may have old plugins in Spark from earlier versions of Spark.
Delete the contents of the folder: %appdata%\Spark\plugins

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It works.

Thanks a lot.

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