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Microsoft OCS/LCS Transport

Hopefully that got a couple of y’all’s attention. So, I found a framework that appears to support LCS/OCS, so it would likely be possible to write a transport for it. Here’s the problem…

I don’t have anything to connect to to try it out or write it against.

Does anyone out there in the world have an interest in such a transport and are maybe willing to hook me up with a couple of test accounts on your server that I could develop against?

Also, can anyone explain to me exactly what the difference between LCS and OCS is? =)

Hey Daniel,

It seems that OCS is the evolution of LCS. LCS was an old version with only IM and Presence and OCS is LCS plus voice.


– Gato

have you considered the 180 day trial?


Actually I did download it after I realized it existed. =) Couldn’t find it the first couple of times for some reason. Maybe I’m blind to Microsoft products. lol

Anyway, as it turns out, I might have a dev server to play with in the potentially near future, so stay tuned!

Hi Daniel,

I think I may be able to help you on that.

I have an OCS server up and running and could use an OCS transport for federation.

I tried the SIP/SIMPLE gateway, but despite the fact the connection was successful, the transport didn’t work.

Let me know what you need.

Awesome! I’ll contact you privately. =)

Very exciting. What is the current status? Anything worth mentioning?

Ack. -embarassed- esimon did contact me privately and i missed it. Answering now.

Bump ?:expressionless:

There’s nothing to bump. I don’t have a server to point at to test it so there’s nothing I can do for now really.

OK. Understood. I can help. I will setup a LCS server and send you the info.

-Awesome- I would love that! If possible could you hook me up with 2 or 3 accounts so that I could test various scenarios?

Will do.

OK. It took me forever to figure out LCS. I could not get 2007 to work. I have 2005 120 day trial running. Going to try federation, which is what allow users to connect from outsid the domain. After that I will setup accounts for you.

This is very exciting news guys, an OCS to Jabber gateway is exactly what I need so I will be keeping a keen eye on this thread. Note if i can help with any alpha/beta testing let me know as we have OCS and Openfire here at work.

Kind regards,


=) I’m watching for messages from you, just remaining silent for the moment. (I didn’t vanish in other words)


Out of curiosity: Is this Gateway to be based on RFC 3863?

I am way too stupid to understand more than the chapter headings but this document is nevertheless a hell of a reading:

[[MS-PRES]: Presence Protocol Specification|http://download.microsoft.com/download/1/6/F/16F4E321-AA6B-4FA3-8AD3-E94C895A3C9 7/%5BMS-PRES%5D.PDF]

For me it looks like the current SIP/SIMPLE Gateway could be a winner?

Hopefully it is of any help to you guys.



I found an article about LCS05. It seems that one need to use RTC from Microsoft.

“LCS05 is interoperable with all the major IM networks including MSN, AOL and Yahoo! IM. It uses the Microsoft RTC platform which uses SIP/SIMPLE protocol for instant messaging. Unfortunately, the protocol is extended in incompatible ways. RTC is used by all Microsoft real-time communication applications such as Messenger and Office Live Meeting.” Uni Helsinki


I appoligise Jadestorm. I have tried to install the server. It is very weird to setup. I had it working a little on a VM. But the trial has expired. I do not have time for this right now. Can someone else try?

Hi…we do have on OCS 2007 server running for our development and testing purposes. We can expose it to help you.


Vivek Garg