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MSN gateway loses connection after time - even though appears online to user


Openfire -3.5.2 on Windows 2003

Gateway - 1.2.3a

Spark - 2.5.8 and 2.6.0 beta

If a user connects to MSN gateway it will work successfully for a period of time. It continues to appear online to the Spark user. The problem is for the external MSN user we appear offline and neither side cannot establish a chat session again until the user logs off and back on again. I do not see anything in the logs that seem to be related to this. Once the user re-logs on then it stays active again for a period of time.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.


Some of my users also report the same issue before but actually i don’t know how to fix it. Is the problem come from the Microsoft?

I have reported this also earlier here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/32596

Problems seems to be that not everyone (including developer) has this problem. No one seems to know why is this happening so it is hard to fix…

Yeah =/ I can’t seem to reproduce this and nothing in the logs seems to be telling me anything useful about what’s going on. Bah. =( I mean from my perspective it’s a simple TCP disconnection, but why that’s occuring? Good question. There -are- reports of people saying that they disabled buddy icons for MSN and had some luck with that.

I will try disabling the buddy icons and will let you know if this helps my situation.

I have this problem as well, it seems all? of the MSN users appear to signout/in a the same time

CentOS 5.2

Openfire 3.5.2

Spark 2.5.8 (OSX, Windows)

I am wondering if this could be tied to PAT (instead of NAT) used on our PIX firewall, what firewall are others using that have this issue ?

Well I Use DD-WRT router. I disabled firewall alltogether while troubleshooting this bug and but this bug allways happends…

understood - but you still needed to use NAT or PAT to site behind that router to communucate with Internet hosts - I am not familiar with how DD-WRT handles that translation, is it IPTables?

I guess its good to know its not specific to a certain firewall however.

It’s IPTables yes

I have disabled the buddy icons and has remained up for 24 hours now which is the longest to date.

We are behind a firewall that is providing NAT.

Then again if it is firewall or more generally router/routing problem why it only affects MSN? But if it IS routing problem, then maybe there is typo on MSN code that is not other protocol gateways? Just throwing out what was on my mind…

Usually the firewall problem is not exactly what you think it would be. The port you see in the admin console is rarely the problem. The problem usually is that companies/whatever have required proxies or something on http port 443, which msn uses.

Well I use my server at my home, have nothing special for port 443… Just another port in the list for this matter…

Oh wait, this thread is about losing conection over time, not having troubles connecting initially? If that’s the case, I highly doubt it’s a firewall problem. Well, another developer found out that Cindy (the networking library JML uses) was having some odd problems, for some people, didn’t make a lot of sense — but it did get fixed by removing the dependency on cindy. I’ve applied the changes to what will be 1.2.4. The caveat being, 1.2.4 won’t work with anything less than Openfire 3.6.0. (which is soon to be released) I certainly can’t guarantee that this will be the proper fix, but I thnk there’s at least a good change that it’ll fix y’all’s issues.

Yes, over time starts troubles, not initially… Let’s hope that next version will indeed come with solution

And it seems that new IM gateway (1.2.4) does solve this problem! Cool

Crap! This is STILL happening, but not that fast… Now it is overnight problem What the heck there still could be… And I am using gateway 1.2.4d

Hmm I think the 1.2.4c did solve THIS bug, but introduced 10 others as we know… but as soon as you jadestorm reverted back to MSNP10 with 1.2.4d this behavious started again!

Hi, anyone have an idea when the next release of the IM gateway will be out? My company is having this connection problems (running Openfire 3.60a and IM gateway 1.2.4d) and hopefully with the new release will be able to resolve the problem.

I can confirm I am having the same problems. We have our openfire server installed on a windows 2003 server SP2. The version of openfire is 3.6.0 and the IM Gateway is 1.2.4d. We only seem to have problems with the MSN gateway. It would intermittently connect and then lose connection after 5 minutes. The problem does not occur with the ICQ plugin.

Firewall rules have been relaxed to allow all ip traffic and this still has not cleared the intermittent connections.