Network utilization: requesting sample reports

Hello. The firm I work at is considering using Openfire and Spark as our internal Instant Messenger platform. I have read sizing articles regarding the hardware size of the server. I am now looking for what sort of network utilization I can expect to see. (I know that every installation is unique and different firms take to IM in different degrees.) We expect about 500 users.

In Openfire 3.6.4 (and perhaps earlier versions) using the Monitoring Service plugin, from the Server > Statistics > All Reports, it is possible to collect Server Traffic reports, as well as Client Connections reports.

REQUEST: Could members of the community reply to this thread and post the 3 month PDF reports from their installations, as generated from the steps above (or some other manner)?

Thank you in advance for you help.


P.S. Perhaps the Openfire Requirements document can be expanded with this information.

Openfire (hardware) Requirements:

JVM Settings and Debugging:

Using the “Monitoring Service” Plugin, I have generated statistics from my server during my trial period. Attached are graphs showing both a 2 month period as well as a 7 day period. As you can see, we (currently) have so little activity, that the graphs average out to almost nothing.

The reports of interest to us are 1. Client Connections, 2. Conversations, 7. Packet Count, and 10. Server Traffic, as we are not yet using group chats, proxying, and only have a single server.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone running a large installation could provide similar reports. Looking at the graphs, I do not see anything propriety or sensitive.



The “Monitoring Service” Plugin is available from

The “Monitoring Plugin Readme” is available from
AllReports-TwoMonths.pdf (22084 Bytes)
AllReports-OneWeekpdf.pdf (14774 Bytes)