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New Emoji for new Spark

What do you think of Spark using one emoji pack?

For example, I really like Microsoft emoji, if I understand correctly, then the license gives us the opportunity to use emoji.

That’s an example
@wroot @k33ptoo what do you think about it?

and I think you can add more emoji, now there are 24, you can add a few more.Microsoft.adiumemoticonset.zip (22.4 КБ)

Or i can add in Spark OpenMoji

Thanks for trying this Ilya. Personally i liked the ones that Amos used when he first introduced new design. They were looking more like the old ones, just with more soft, pastel colors. Which i think suits new light Spark theme better. The ones you tried above are a bit to stark and bright. First ones look like from 90’s with gradients and such :slight_smile: Another thing is licensing. I don’t want to spend time figuring out which ones we can use or not…

@k33ptoo did you create those icons yourself? If so, do you mind if i work on them trimming white borders around them, so they look better aligned with text? I mean this set

I got it from an icon pack. I can send them to you or get them from one of the commits. I analyzed a while back I think it is because of the text area alignment of content because I reduced the size of the emojis to smallest they still had that issue of icons aligned slightly on top unlike the text, even the current emojis are slightly aligned to top.

I have the icons (found them in an old profile on my test machine). Do you remember which icon pack was that?

I don’t remember but you should get it at icons8.com.

Hm, i don’t think icons8 will work for us. I know that Guus is using icons from Flaticon. These ones look nice as well https://www.flaticon.com/packs/smileys-3
Will try them out.

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Yes any can work.

I have no special preference for Flaticon, or anything else. Please make sure that we are allowed to use the icons that we end up choosing. Their license must allow for it.

The icons i have linked above have free license with attribution. But CC is not mentioned there. So, i am guessing it should be enough to add this to Readme (with links):

Icons made by Vectors Market from Flaticon.

Maybe rethink the concept of emoji in Spark? Now there are three packs with a different number of emojis, I think you need to have one or two pack, but with a large number of emojis, for example, 48 or more. It is necessary that if they used different packs, they could see the emoji.

We can think about introducing new bigger default pack when this is fixed https://igniterealtime.atlassian.net/browse/SPARK-1918
Because otherwise all old users updating to new version of Spark won’t see new icons. But all new users will get new icons and this can be problematic.
So, for now i just want to refresh the current default set. So some users will see new icons, some don’t. But they will have the same number and strings.

I understand. What do you think about statuses, they need to be redone for a new design?

For example, do it like this.

Don’t know. I like the current status bubbles :slight_smile: Well, maybe “on the phone” icon needs a redesign :smiley: Also, Openfire admin console uses the same bubbles, so it is kind of nice to have consistent design.

Yes, after changing the statuses, the bubble became very small and especially difficult to see the transparent green color or yellow. :face_with_monocle:It’s probably best to leave it as it is.
I think we just need to update the phone. By the way this phone icon provided @k33ptoo

If it is already in use in some other place, then yeah, we can replace that old phone icons with the new one.

I gave that icon set i found on Flaticon a try. I am not sure about it. Not sure it looks better than old one and there are not enough variants to pick from. I used 20x20 instead of 16x16 like old ones and it still looks worse when downsized. Not sure if any emoji will look good when reduced to such a small size anyway. And i have also looked into other free icons. OpenMoji looks… cheap :smiley: At some point we talked with EmojiOne, but now they are JoyPixels. Maybe we can talk to them again and maybe they will agree if we add a contribution on Downloads page. But again. I am not sure how good they will look in 20x20 variant.


I’ll try to find suitable emojis. Most emojis are size 64 or larger and at size 16 they look bad.

I found very cool emoticons https://twemoji.twitter.com/
We can use them for free. https://github.com/twitter/twemoji/blob/master/LICENSE
Now I will create the PR

This Twenoji for Spark and full pack Twemoji
Twemoji.rar (11.8 МБ) 16x16Spark.rar (35.2 КБ)