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Open Archive 1.0.0 for Openfire 3.3.2 released

Open Archive is a XEP-0136 complient server side message archive for Openfire.

It is available as a plugin from http://maven.reucon.com/public/com/reucon/openfire/plugins/archive/1.0.0/archive .jar

Currently it supports automated message archiving and message retrieval through XEP-0136 compliant Jabber clients and a web UI for the administrator. Support for manual archiving and preferences is planned for future releases.

Version 1.0.0 requires either MySQL or the embedded HSQLDB, support for other databases might be added at a later point.

To install the plugin just place it into the plugins folder of your Openfire server and enable it in the Openfire console at Server Settings/Archive Settings.

Tried, works great.

Using with 3.3.2 running on linux with mysql backend and LDAP authentication.

What is the magnifying glass supposed to do next to the Participants fields?

I tried clicking on them, but nothing happened.

Thanks and great work


The magnifying glass should allow searching for participant, but that’'s a feature that has not yet been implemented.

P.S. You can try to rebuild the index, then the participant fields should have autocompletion enabled based on the jids on your rosters.

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Yep, that worked.



Sounds really promising. A few questions though:

  1. I presume all the data is stored in the database?

  2. Is there any sort of pruning? A feature to control the length of the stored logs would be useful to me as an admin.

  3. Do any clients currently support that XEP?

Good job at getting the ball rolling on this though

edited to add: Works on my server, but seems to want to return everything twice when using the admin console…

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  1. Yes the data is stored in the database and a lucene index is held for searching

  2. Currently there is no pruning, but you can delete conversations from the database manually (and rebuild the index). It might be added in the future but doesn’'t have first priority.

  3. JWChat supports an old version and Jive expressed interest in adding support for it to Spark once there is a plugin implementing the server side. Well here we go

Conversations between two local users are stored twice: once per user. This is required as users should be able to manage their archive (annotate or remove conversations) in later versions.

Open Archive now has its own small site at http://maven.reucon.com/projects/public/archive/

with some screenshots and a link to the current version (1.0.2) for download.

Hi Stefan! Just a “weirdism” to report. I don’‘t believe this really has anything to do with your plugin actually. If you actually install the .jar file as is (ie, archive-1.0.3.jar) it extracts into archive-1.0.3 and after that all of the translations don’'t work. (the admin console shows archive,settings.title and such, not the actual translation) Was just a weird thing I ran into that I wanted to let you know about in case anyone else brings it up.

Maybe it’'s time to put this plugin here http://www.igniterealtime.org/projects/openfire/plugins.jsp so we can install and upgrade using Admin Console.

havent tried yet, but looks great and cheap (comparing to ENT)

Thanks for the hint, jadestorm. I will add this to a FAQ section on the page and and emphasize the need to rename the plugin.

Adding the plugin to the official Jive repository might be an option but as long as we are not able to automatically upload new versions the that repository I tend to prefer the manual way. I’‘ve started a thread to discuss supporting multiple plugin update sites within Openfire a few days ago, maybe you’'ld like to comment:



I’'ve successfully installed open archive plugin. Searching archive however behaves strangely - for example I search for conversations between me (A) and some other user (B). I have many item found, but each of them is only part of the conversation. I.e. see item which hold all messages by me (and nothing from B), and other item from B which has only replies and my (A) message.

This makes it very hard to actually read archives conversations.

Hmm that sounds strange ideed. Can you provide a screenshot of a demo conversation?

You can see what it should look like at http://maven.reucon.com/projects/public/archive/ (screenshot)

Here is the link to picassa album with screenshots. See screenshots’’ comments for explanation.


Actually, my 6-phrase conversation got split into 8 archive entries.

Is there a version that works with Openfire 3.3.1?

Also messages send in non-latin charset are not archived properly - I see message entries, but they are blank - i.e. in the right window, no messages or even participants’’ names are displayed.

I’‘m unable to download the Open Archive plugin, for some reason I can’'t connect to the web site. Is there a problem with picking this up? I would like to give it a try if there is a mirror site, or if the plugin is available some place else. I have been trying the posted site for several days now…


I’'m also having a problem with Open Archive. When viewing a log, the conversations are not grouped together to read like a regular dialog. Instead, the logs are grouped together by user and session making the discussions very difficult to read.

Anyone have an idea as to how to fix this?

Update, I finally got access to the download and picked up version 1.03, seems to be working great. It appears that the download site is somewhat temperamental it took a lot of tries from different servers to finally get connected.

sorry one of the IN A records pointed to a server that is currently down, i’'ve fixed this now.

@rwarren: Is this the same problem haizaar has described above?