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OpenFire 4.3.2 SIP plugin

Hi, i’ve installed ofenfire in debian, (versión 4.3.2) but i’m not able to make the SIP plugin Works,
i’ve set all the options, but the extensions appears “Unregistered”,
my telephony system is freePBX with Asterisk 15

is there any issue?

The SIP plugin is not a soft phone. It does the simple task of associating the SIP credentials of a user to their XMPP identity. You need a compatible XMPP client like Spark or Pade that has a SIP soft phone in the client application to use it.

I know, i use spark and third party softphone.
but my state in spark doesn’t change when i recibe an incoming call.

here is my config (spark)

and openfire:

I think for that there was a separate plugin Asterisk-IM, but it hasn’t been updated for many years and stopped working with recent versions of Openfire, so it was removed from plugins list. One person proposed to start working on this plugin again, but then he had some other things in his life and didn’t have time to work on it, so it is abandoned again. New Asterisk-IM version

The problem is probably with Spark. I don’t think the SIP plugin for Spark has been maintained by anyone in a long time. I just tested with Pade using the Openfire Switch plugin for FreeSWITCH and Openfire SIP plugin version 1.2.0

It hasn’t (as well as the whole Spark project). And in the latest source code phone plugin is not even building, so it might not be included in 2.9.0 (if it ever comes out) https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-1892