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Polish Gadu-Gadu Gateway

Is the Gadu-Gadu Gateway to Wildfire?

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Nope! (and unless someone else writes it, probably won’‘t be) I’‘ve tried to setup a gadugadu account before just to see what it was like and have never been able to figure out what was being said on the screen. =) (figured I could muddle my way through based off typical form layouts and such, but just couldn’'t get it)

Link: http://jggtrans.jajcus.net/trac/ This is Gadu-Gadu Gateway but to other servers.

Well, I mean, if you want I’‘ll create an issue for it but I don’‘t know when/if it’‘ll ever be done. I don’‘t build transports for things that I can’‘t test myself. =/ If I could figure out how to create an account and such I’‘d be up for giving it a shot. I don’'t even have a polish translation for the gateway plugin itself yet. =D

Anyone else interested in this? (i’‘m interested in hearing if there’'s a lot of demand for this)

If you want i can help you create a gadugadu account.


I usually create a wealth of test accounts. How do you normally register one? Throught the web site? Download the client and register throught the client itself?

I’‘ll have to look at it some and see some more interest (read: votes in the issue tracker) before really looking into it, because I don’‘t know how well I can support something I can’‘t read. (like if I get a system message back from Gadu-Gadu saying, say, your password is incorrect, but I can’'t read it to know what it really says, that will get old quick )

Anyway, the API I found looks pretty stable which is nice.

How can I contact whit you? Which comunicator do you use?

XMPP would probably be best =D But I have AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, and MSN accounts as well. Contact me via private message and I’‘ll send you my addresses. (or just send me yours and I’'ll add you, either way)

So, i understand you have yazzoo to help you with it. I havent ever tried GG, just hear about it and i know that there is a plugin for Miranda. Well, this transport support shouldnt be a high priority, but if at some point you will need help with translation, i could try to help you, as i understand polish a bit.

I think this should be easier to support than say QQ http://im.qq.com/ Heh, it’‘s weird. I understand that China has it’'s own IM, and USA has AOL. But Poland We definitly need to create some Kalbu-Kalbu national IM network here in Lithuania Hm… probably we already have. There is some Spyke VOIP client (clone of Skype).

GG Support will be very useful

There is an gg client for console: ekg ( ekg.chmurka.net ) (Experimental Gadu-gadu K©lient) - it has open library called libgadu.



libpurple also supports gadugadu.

Both of those are C based, and not something I would be using with the java based plugin. =)

jggapi is a Java-based library for it, but it’'s GPL

What’'s wrong with GPL?

I guess you couldn’‘t include that with the gateway plugin, that’‘s what’'s wrong.

Why not? Openfire itself is GPL. Some of the libraries I use I believe are GPL. Why do you believe GPL is not usable?

Wasn’‘t there some issue where the lib devs had to sign something? That’‘s what’'s killed the SIMPLE plugin, right?



I would like to know if there is any progress in gadu-gadu plugin to openfire :). If any assistance in creating accounts and understanding polish language is needed i may help.

Wow, igniterealtime is being mega slow today. =(

Anyway, no progress at all. It hasn’'t gotten a single vote yet and I tend to focus on things that have lots of votes. =)