Pushing forward progress on XIFF

Hello XIFF community,

It appears that I’m going to have a few hours each week to devote to XIFF thanks largely to a paid project I am working on that requires the library. As I’ve been out of the loop since the initial port to AS3, I’m currently re-familiarizing myself with the code and checking out the improvements that have been made during my absence.

Also, I’m trying to put together a list of priority items to work on. What I’m seeing largely from the community is a need for better documentation and example code, so this is going to be what I focus on first, along with Ant scripts to build the SWC files and documentation using ASDoc.

Any comments or suggestions you may have on what you’d like to see, please let me know. The Issue Tracker is largely out of date and needs updating.



Also, if there are any community-submitted patches that aren’t in the trunk yet, I’d like to know about those too

Uu yaa!

Please check the TLS related posts for getting access to Google talk.

Awesome Sean! I have been working on a XIFF-based project for the last 5 months. What I’m doing calls for me to write an extension on top of the library rather than just use it’s functionality. Works great until I get into stuff like IQ handling, which seems pretty locked away right now.

I’d like to see some way to toggle between letting XIFF handle certain message types a certain way (as it does now) and more of a barebones XMPP data gateway. Since I’m not using XMPP conventionally (as a chat program), and it’s not talking to an Openfire server (ejabberd instead), the barebones approach would work better for me.

Glad you’re back on the project, I’m a big fan of it!


Hey Andrew! Didn’t know you were using XIFF, but I’d be interested to hear more.

Good idea re: the bare bones gateway. Shall I add that as a feature request in the issue tracker? Any specifics you’d want me to consider regarding that feature?

Hmm … yeah, TLS is a must. Reviewing all of last year’s discussion on that now. Maybe not for the 3.0.0 release but definitely 3.0.1 …

I’m also involved on a project that is using XIFF (moving a chat server and front end from proprietary code to Openfire/Flex with XIFF). Would love to be involved in helping out in any way I can.

Feel free to ping me on IM if you’ve got any questions about changes we made; my ActionScript is gathering dust, but I can probably still remember the rationale for things

Glad to see someone taking this up again!


I’ve just started working on using XIFF and OpenFire for a project for our business, would love to contribute to the code and try to find/report/fix bugs, etc. Is there an IRC channel (or Jabber groupchat) that devs idle in?

Looking forward to working with everyone!


I was trying to redispatch an InviteEvent, but it wasn’t working because the clone() method hadn’t been implemented. So I went ahead and implemented it, I’ve attached it as a patch. Would love to see this make its way into SVN.

Also, is there a SVN mailer that I can subscribe to for new commits, etc.?

InviteEvent.patch (567 Bytes)

Hey Karthik,

Adding clone() and toString() methods to all events is already in bug tracker: http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/XIFF-40.

Since its there, its already on Sean’s todo list, but I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to go vote for it.

  • Mark

Thanks for the patch. Indeed, this is in JIRA as a bug. I’ve got about half done … I have most of the day tomorrow to work on XIFF, so I should have it committed to SVN shortly.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the igniterealtime SVN has any type of built-in mailer.

Some bad news: The paid XIFF project I was working on has been shut down. It looks like working on XIFF will be a spare-time project only again. I’m planning to keep doing what I can, but it will be slower going

Documentation is still top priority at the moment …



Hey Sean,

I’m actively working on a XIFF project… let me know if there’s anything I can do to help out.

Thanks! If you have any patches or bug fixes (especially for those already in JIRA) feel free to submit them. That would help a great deal. If you feel like you may be working on the code and you start contributing a lot, I can get you SVN commit access as well.

Hi Sean,

Came across this message while trying to work out why Room.requestAffiliations wasn’t working - http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/151777. Could this be a contender for a patch to be applied?

Can someone give us the status on XIFF? I have noticed someone has committed to the repository in the past weeks. Should we expect more commits soon? Does anyone know if XIFF will come out of beta anytime soon? What are the milestones, if any? Thanks.

I’m not actively working on it at the moment, simply because I don’t have the available time until summer (grad school) and the paid project for AOL that I was working on that used XIFF was canceled at the end of March.

I am unsure if anyone else is actively working on it at the moment.


AFAIK, I’m the only active developer currently.

I’m using XIFF for a project that I’m working on, so all commits and bugfixes I make are geared towards that. I don’t know of any plans to package up another stable release, but since there’s no active development on new features I’d say that the latest version from SVN is the most stable. If you want to work together to come up with a roadmap or some plans, send me a PM and I’l give you my e-mail.



I sent an IM to you.