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Question about Route all resources


the Case:

User B only receives this message on one Client only.

can be “fixed” with the Parameter:




(see: https://github.com/igniterealtime/Openfire/blob/8f15cf4b7b407515957e8fce037c0943b17e0428/xmppserver/src/main/java/org/jivesoftware/openfire/spi/RoutingTableImpl.java#L541)

The Case:

If User A is connected to Openfire 1 (Client 1) and Openfire 2 (Client 2) the Message Copy is also not delivered to the other Ressources of User A

I can confirm that behavior and came to this thread to find a solution. Is this a Bug or can i possibly configure the expected behavior?

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Just to clarify, the difference between route.all-resources and route.really-all-resources is all down to priority.

The former will send messages to all sessions sharing the same highest non-negative priority. This is allowed by the XMPP spec.

The latter will send messages to all sessions with a non-negative priority. This is not compliant with the spec. but Openfire supports it anyway.

So which session(s) receive the message may well depend on these settings.


I have moved your question to a separate thread as it is not related to Message Carbons. Route all resources options are not intended to make it work as Message Carbons. This is only a workaround for some specific scenarios. If you really need proper message synchronization, then Message Carbons is the only way. But it only syncs messages when all clients are online, it won’t do it if a client is offline. More information Explanation: message synchronization between clients

@gdt and @wroot i agree with you and thanks for the clarification.

But my problem is the same from Message Carbon in Cluster - Issue

When a user is logged in on two different server nodes in a cluster at the same time then it seems that message carbons don’t work. When they are on the same node then everything works fine.