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Message Carbon in Cluster - Issue

Hello Team,

i am trying to set up an openfire cluster at work.
We have 2 Servers in clustermode behind a netscaler.
S2S and so on is working fine except message carbon, but only if the chatpartners are not logged on the same server in cluster.

## Steps to reproduce

  • Openfire Version 4.2.4 with Patch
  • same behavoir on Openfire 4.2.3 without Patch
  • Clients: Conversations, ConverseJS

User A is logged on OPENFIRE 1 with 2 or more Clients.
User B is logged on OPENFIRE 2 with 2 or more Clients.

All clients have the same priority.

User A sends a Message to User B.

## What I expect

The message will be copied to all clients of User A.
The message should be received on all clients of User B.
So a full synch between all clients should be the result.

## What happens

The message is readable on all own clients of User A.
User B only receives this message on one Client only.

If User A is connected to Openfire 1 (Client 1) and Openfire 2 (Client 2) the Message Copy is also not delivered to the other Ressources of User A


-This Issue also happens without the patch i mentioned above.
-When User A & B are completely logged on the same server. All messages will be transfered to all clients.

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