RegistrationFieldsEvent dispatch and key fix

Hi there,

I’ve found two small problems in the XIFF library.

The first one is in the XMPPConnection.getRegistrationFields_result, it looks like this method does not dispatch an event while it should. I think I fixed it. However, I’m not sure about this one.

The second one is in RegisterExtension.key. This returns a property of the myKeyNode propery, even though this could be null. If it is null this throws an error, I fixed this too.

The patch file is attached.


Pimm Hogeling
RegistrationFieldsEvent dispatch and key fix.patch (1028 Bytes)


I filed this away in Jira so that it doesn’t get lost.


I have another patch file. While registering my server needed some fields that are not properties in RegisterExtension, I made a slight change in to allow any fields to be added.

Please look into both my patch files, because if the developers agree with my patches I’d like to have commit rights. I’ll solve and commit all problems I run into, and document them through.

setField fix.patch (507 Bytes)


To get commiter access, check out this document: