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Spark 2.8.3 did not show the contact list of IM Server (Kerio Connect)

Thank you for your great product which help me many years.
After upgrading to new version 2.8.3 the contact list gone. Other instant messengers show all available contacts.
Even Spark 2.7.6 showed all contacts ok.
Other users can send me message and i will receive it but I cannot save the contact.
Tried the last nightbuild (spark_2_9_0-20180206-with-jre.exe) without success.

The screenshot in attachment.

That’s really weird. I’ve never seen this before. Can you enable the debug console, before logging in, and then see if the roster is being sent in XMPP messages when you log in?

Are you using shared groups (Openfire?)? Are you using AD integration and maybe SSO for login? Although i don’t think Psi supports that, so probably not. You can also try to exit Spark, rename its profile folder to Spark1 and start with a fresh profile, see if there is difference.


Thank you very much for response,

Tried, but no help. The new folder also recreated.

Thank you very much for response! The picture attached is it informational? Looks like the Spark received the other users presence state. But not visualize.

Not at this time. The Kerio Connect this is our mail server with the xampp server built-in. The Kerio use AD somehow to verify user logins. The login is ok.

At 792 ms there is an error of actually getting the shared groups info (presence is not enough). Spark queries it and then gets an error on receiving. Are you using Openfire? Which version?

Also, clarify how exactly Kerio is in use if you are not using AD integration. Do you use the same database for Openfire as Kerio uses?

No, I do not use OpenFire for this case.
Regarding Kerio, I can’t to be sure but creating AD create a mailbox user for the AD profile, like running script. All other operations performed by Kerio themselves.

This is the spark - at the same location… Worked as expected…

I’ve found the older thread about Kerio. Newer Spark-Versions don’t work right

In short, Kerio is a very old rebranded version of Tigase server, which doesn’t support xmpp well. It worked with older Spark version. But as Smack library was updated in Spark, they can’t talk to each other normally anymore. So, either Kerio should be updated to support features or Spark should go back to old version of Smack, which is not an option. Or you can continue using 2.7 version.


Thank you for clarifying! Just for info - i tried several xampp clients besides Psi - and almost all worked as expected. But anyway - Spark also has a decision for this.

XMPP, not XAMPP (pet peeve)

I’d be interested in hearing from the developers of Kerio about this. Have you reached out to them?

Just did not know how to describe the problem. I’ve tried about 10 different jabber clients and only two of them did not shows the contact list. And one of them Spark. Suppose the answer would very shot - change the client app. The Kerio IM futures lack of many services - such file transfer and many other. But they have the embedded IM client - so the users use it for only speed text messaging.

They even recommend the different ones:

`Recommended IM clients

For information about sending chat messages through Kerio Connect Client, read Sending chat messages in Kerio Connect Client.
Kerio instant messaging service is based on XMPP, an open technology for real-time communication.

Kerio Connect recommends the following instant messaging clients:

Pidgin for Microsoft Windows
Psi for Linux
Messages (iChat) for Mac OS X`

The problem is described in the linked older thread. Spark logs error about not supported feature (by the server). I think the older thread’s author also mentioned that it would be hard to try to make Kerio fix this.