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Spark 3.0 - Issue in MUC when changing names

I have my users testing Spark 3.0, some have discovered if you are in a group chat and change your name you stop seeing everyone else’s messages unless you leave and rejoin under the org. name.
If you edit the name before you join then there is no issue.

Tell me, can you reproduce this bug in Spark 2.9.4?

2.9.4 does not have this bug.

My end user who is testing sent me this:

I know it was mentioned that changing the name in a spark room breaks the room for the user that changed the name. However, I do want to also share that after we close the room and reload into that room, it loads the room blank. Where we need to close the room again, and then reload it again.
it also briefly freezes the Spark application when we close the room the second time.

I can confirm this bug, I see that it appeared after updating the Smack 4.3 library to Smack 4.4. I made a ticket in Jira, I hope this will be fixed in Spark 3.0.1, thanks.


@Flow @Paul_Schaub Perhaps you can fix this.

I took a look at this. And by that I mean really just looking at code, no debugging. I first checked Smack, but found no obvious issues. And that would be surprising, as Smack 4.4 has been out there for awhile and I never heard such a report. Smack’s code also looks correct with regard to the reported issue.

Then I looked into the Spark code, and found that Spark does use its own listeners for incoming MUC messages (and not the onces provides by Smack). This further strengthens the thesis that the issue is somewhere in Spark.

Right now, I assume that we run into this return

after a nick change in a MUC room.

I have no doubt that the problem is in Spark. I understand you’re short on time, but could you take a look at Spark? I am afraid that I will not be able to make the necessary corrections to the Spark code.