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Spark messages being sent but never received

Hi All,

Currently running into a very weird issue. I have an Openfire server running the latest 4.2.3 and about 30 users that connect to it. It was just updated from 4.1 this past Friday and that’s when the problem started. Users are all on Spark 2.8.3.

I have one specific user that is having a problem receiving messages from another. User A can send chat no problem to User B and B gets the messages. When B sends a chat to A, A’s spark acts as if it’s received a chat, but nothing is there. B can ring the bell and A’s spark moves. On User A’s spark it will show when user B is typing and everything, but no messages show.

I’ve logged both users into different PC’s and chat goes back and forth fine. I’ve determined it’s something directly related to User A’s PC since when A is on a different PC they receive the messages no problem. But when back on the main PC just messages from user B are not received. Any other users are just fine.

I’ve done full uninstall wiping any reg entries and all on both PC’s. Re-installed using version with Java and without. Same results

I’m at a loss and wonder if someone may be able to point me in the right direction.

Thank you in advance!

When you did ckean reinstall, have you also tried to delete user’s Spark profile in appdata/roaming?

@wroot Yes I removed everything

Your problem seems like in this long thread Receiving new Spark message opens window but doesn't display message
and filed as https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-1794
So far the only solution was to do clean reinstall and start with fresh profile.