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Spark problem font java above version 8

Many users are using Java version not 8. Because of this, their font breaks. It is not known how much more Spark will use Java 8, so I think we should use a way that any version of Java will work with Spark 3.x

I think we should use the “unicode escape sequence” until we switch to Java 11 and above so that the font will display correctly on any version of Java.

What do you think of it? @guus @speedy @wroot @Bill_Roland @akrherz


In my opinion that would be a step backwards (going from unicode back to codes). The issue might resurface at some point when codes are not supported anymore in newest Java at some point. Also will make working on translations harder. Less people will contribute.

I agree with you that this will be a step back, but it will allow the translation to work in any Java.
Alternatively, Java 17 can be shipped with Spark, but that’s not really an idea either.

I’ve tested this with Java 8,11,16,17 and it works for everyone so far.

Probably the least evil should be chosen. :smiley:

stackoverflow suggest this way to fix utf-8 encoding.
It seems to work and now in java 8, 11, 15 the text is displayed fine.
I wonder if this might be a solution?

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