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Spark UI Customization

Spark 2.6.3 Only

The 2.6.3 Final version has many of the modifications in this doc built into the svn.

I will create a new patch for the final version soon.

Thank you to all who contributed to this doc.

New UI customization patch coming soon…

New features added to default.properties include:

  • Disable/Enable Person search bar

  • Disable/Enable Add contact from person search

  • Disable/Enable Add contact group

  • Disable/Enable Start a conference


  • Disable/Enable Add contact from the Contacts drop down menu

Example default.properties:

add Contact Person Search Disabled


#add Contact Group Disabled

#person Search Bar Disabled

Start Conference Disabled



Disables Add Contact under Contacts drop down menu

The User wont be able to add contacts from the drop down menu,

Usefull if you only want to use the search bar to add users.



ADD_CONTACT_DISABLED no longer disables the add contact option from person search by default.

You must set ADD_CONTACT_PERSON_SEARCH_DISABLED to “true” to disable it.

For those of you who would like to disable “Start a Chat” in the actions menu.

Install the “Client Control” plugin and disable broadcasting.

The patch can be applied with “http://tortoisesvn.tigris.org/

You can also download the Firefox plugin to download the SVN. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tortoisesvn-menu/

Information on how to compile Spark can be found here: http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1521

Information on how to edit Spark Default.properties in the precompiled build can be found here http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-2163

If their are any customization’s that you would like added. Please leave suggestions below.

New UI customization patch coming soon…

DisableAddContactMenu.patch.zip (823 Bytes)

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Ok Joe


Hi Joe,

I need to know if you can disable the option “Person search”


Ref: http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/163331#163331

Edited src\java\org\jivesoftware\spark\search\SearchService.java


***No search bar and no add contact menu’s

I will add a patch to this doc.**

Hi Joe,

One question, by any chance have the Spark.jar with the new change "No search bar and not add contact menu’s. "

What happens is that I need it urgently and I have problems with java on my computer.

In advance thank you very much for your help, I have been very useful.

Hi Joe,

Thank you very much for your great help

No problem, happy to help out.

I’m sure allot people will find this modification useful.

At this rate I will have to create a new doc called “The Spark patch repository”.

Hi Joe,

I know I’ve become tiring but I need to block another option

In the contacts tab - Add contact to group

Can you help me again.

Thank you very much

Hi Joe,

how about moving some GUI Elements out of the code into a configurable area? I am thinking about the color scheme and all icons&pngs used. The idea would be to get Spark in a “corporate” skin, e.g. by replacing the red/orange flame against your blue one.


I looked into adding my new options to the spark config, but based on how the code turn things off, it has to be compiled with those options set. This is something everyone would find useful. Unfortunately my java programming skills are limited.

If I had more programming experience, I would just set it to use a zip file that contained all the theme files, just like the emotion icons plugin. I can also post my blue icon set if you want to use it.

Their is an easy way to change the theme without recompiling spark.

Ref: http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/169803#169803

Thanks for the useful comment. I will dedicate some programming hours to this issue by the end of the month (Feb 11). Let’s see how this works.

Hi Joe,

Again I need you at 2.6 on the option spark Actions> start a conversation is locked, you could help me with this.


Sure, I compiled a new Spark.jar and created a new patch file with the option to disable the “Start a conference” from the actions menu.

Hi Joe,

Too bad that is fine but also need to block “Starting a conversation”

Thank you and worth the trouble

I can disable it in the drop down menu, but a conversation can still be started by double clicking the contact name.

Disabling double clicking is a little harder to track down in the source and disabling it without breaking anything maybe a problem in itself… You may want to start a new topic for this one.

But I will see what I can do when I have some free time.

Hi Joe,

I offer the option to serve me, could you send it to me.


Updated my patch file and compiled a new Spark.jar with new feature set.

Hi Joe,

What a pity to disturb so try to compile the spark.jar you sent me but I had several errors that I could not solve.

I just need to lock the tab - action-start a conversation.

Can you help me with that, in advance thank you very much for everything.

I’m a little confused on why you want to disable/lock the “start a chat”, as you can still start a chat by double clicking the contacts name.

Please try the “Spark test.jar”, What kind of errors are you getting?

I did not get any errors in my test.

Spark test.jar was compiled with the following:





START_CHAT_DISABLED = true (Menu only)

Hi Joe,

Suddenly not understand me, what I want is to lock in the option 3 "Actions " - start a conversation.

That I can understand better at the top of the chat are the options “Spark”, “Contacts”, “Actions” and "Help. "

Under “Actions” is the option you wish to block, because I that I add the users you can chat with each user.

Thank you very much Joe.