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Transfer Guard allowing files that are blocked

Hey all,

I want to thank you guys again for all the help in a previous post. I have almost Spark configured the way I want it deployed, however I’m running into a little issue with Transfer Guard.
I have both the config file as well as the preferences set properly in spark, and it seems to block all the file types listed with the exception of PDFs.

Config file ::


I’m really not sure what else I can do. Thought?


What version of Spark do you use? I was able to send pdf file to Spark 2.7.7, but not to 2.8.3/2.9.0.

Spark 2.8.3

So, in my test i took Spark 2.8.3 and set blocking extension to just *.pdf. Then i have tried to send test.pdf to that client from another Spark or Gajim client and they couldn’t send a file and received the blocking message. Does it work if you only put *.pdf? Also try sending a pdf file which has an extension in lowercase (not test.PDF). It looks like Transfer Guard is case sensitive about extensions. Although it works for me if i have both in that field: *.pdf, *.PDF (Spark blocks both with pdf and PDF extension).

Btw, Transfer Guard only blocks receiving, not sending.

I’ll test out the extensions one by one here and see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted.


Found the cause. So I would import the Transfer Guard settings via powershell into the %userprofile% directory… It brings the file and settings over successfully, however you actually have to go to File > Preferences > Transfer Guard, and physically hit “apply”.


Thanks again for all the help!

Indeed. It looks like Transfer Guard plugin is very buggy. I have filed 3 tickets for it today. I may look into some myself, but i’m not a developer. And there are no developers working on Spark actively currently.