Voip calling through VPN

Hi Everyone,
I have some trouble with voip calls between two Conversations app users which are connected to the Azure network via OpenVPN server. On azure network is placed Openfire server (4.7.4) with private IP. Users can connect without problems to the server, text messages, file transfer works but I unable to call. Any ideas or tips how configure/add some plugins to openfire?

Hi Dave,

You probably need a STUN/TURN server (like coturn) that is publicly reachable. You should be able to use the “external service discovery” plugin to let clients of Openfire know about that server.

Thanks for your response,
Earlier I’ve added “External service discovery” and PionTurn plugins to Openfire but these steps couldn’t solve the problem. Any tips for config this server or special requirements for?

This is highly specific to your environment. I’m afraid that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. There are some suggestions being presented here: Preparing Openfire for Audio/Video calls with Conversations Without more specific data, it’s hard to predict why things are not working for you.

Thanks, I saw this solution. Coturn runs at the same server as Openfire and Function “Media Proxy” is disabled? What’s more stun at port 5349 needs special config?

The logs show:
[socket_c2s-thread-3]: org.igniterealtime.openfire.plugins.externalservicediscovery.ExternalServiceDiscoveryIQHandler - Responding with:
<iq type=“result” id=“8_XoGVNtraok” from="xmpp.test.local"to=“user1@xmpp.test.local/Conversations.apyO”><servicesxmlns=“urn:xmpp:extdisco:2”><service host=“xmpp.test.local” port="3478"restricted="false"transport=“udp” type=“turn”/><service host=“xmpp.test.local” port="5349"restricted=“false” transport=“udp” type=“stun”/> to request <iq type="get"id=“8_XoGVNtraok” from=“user1@xmpp.test.local/Conversations.apyO” to=“xmpp.test.local”>

That tells a user that is using Conversations that coturn functionality is available at host xmpp.test.local. Is that hostname resolvable for your clients?

Yep, I have DNS srv on network. The DNS entry xmpp.test.local is for openfire server (I’ve installed coturn srv on the same machine as a openfire)

Unsure what’s going on. VPNs can be tricky beasts, and they’re always very specific to the environment that they’re running in. I’d start by looking at coturn’s logs, to determine if you can see clients trying to make use of it. That will tell you something. Without in-depth analysis of your very specific environment, it’s going to be hard to come to any conclusions here, I’m afraid.