Openfire Meetings

Ignite Realtime is pleased to announce “Openfire Meeting”, a new plugin for Openfire that continues the development of the ofmeet web application which was part of the deprecated Jitsi-videobridge plugin.

PLEASE NOTE - You will need latest Openfire 3.10.0 to use this plugin. Use a nightly build or wait for the imminent official release.


Openfire Meetings is a complete standalone plugin powered by Jitsi Videobridge. It does not depend on any other plugins


The front-end we application is a combination of Candy and Jitsi Meet and enables the following features

  • Openfire user authentication directly from web browser for both Candy and Jitsi Meet
  • Audio, Video and Telephone (SIP) conferencing directly with Jitsi Meet and from Candy
  • Desktop sharing (screen and applications) using the Openfire Meeting Chrome extension
  • Fastpath user agent with audio and video using the Candy and Jitsi Meet web applications. It also requires Fastpath plugin to be installed.
  • Configuration directly from Openfire admin web pages.


How to use

Jitsi Meet -

Candy -


Discussion place is in the community plugins, here


When installed on CENTOS 7,some errors occured,ofmeet didn’t work.

Can you please confirm your openfire version/build. I don’t have CENTOS7 to reproduce the errors you are having. If you can, email me a zipped file of your logs folder.

I don’t know what you done, but this is the openfire meetings running happily on CENTOS 5.3

You need latest build of openfire 3.10

I can’t see what’s in here

Jitsi Meet -

Candy -

So sorry that I was installed the plugin on openfire 3.9.3-1.

When openfire 3.10 will be released?


is it possible to provide connection on standard ssl port ? (443) which is the minimum java version required?

This great work. please keep it up! too bad that IE can’t jump on board with webrtc. .(yea yea yeah, I said IE. I have to have use it in our company because of some business related apps that are only supported with IE/ActiveX )

Yes, go to openfire web admin and change the http-bind ports from 7070/7443 to 80/443

yes, log files, log files and log files

Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

You can use a plugin for IE

WebRTC Plugins - Temasys WebRTC Plugin Public Documentation - Temasys Documentation

But it does not support multiple SSRCs (video streams) in a single peer connection used by Jitsi videobridge

ok thanks,

another question: does the plugin include also the videobridge usable for the standard jitsi client to do video conferences?


Yes, Openfire meetings is compatiblele with Jitsi client:-)

It looks like IE may get native WebRTC support sometime soon.

Bringing Interoperable Real-Time Communications to the Web - IEBlog - Site Home - MSDN Blogs

Hi all, i’ve installed v. 3.10.0 and ofmeet. I am trying to call form web interf. but i get this error " org.jitsi.jigasi.openfire.JigasiPlugin - CallControlComponent - invalid conf id null admin@openfire/ofmeet7816"

Have i to set something else? I correctly connected ofmeet to asterisk box.


sorry. did not do any testing with asterisk. You can register your phone directly with openfire meetings. Choose any extension number you like and use the username and password set from the admin web page for server mode. Call that extension from web application.

Hi Dele, thanks for reply.

Ok, i understood what you mean but what Iam trying to do is invite an “external part” to the meeting. Let’s say, for istance, a client (registereed on asterisk ) that support VP8 codec ( Bria, for instance ).

Or invite a commercial device, like Lifesize UVC that support webrtc video.

With Jitsi-Meet plus Jigasi client i can register it on asterisk, for instance, and then invite on meeting some other user registered on asterisk. For now there is a limit that Jigasi ONLY support Audio calls. Not video.

Is it more clear?

So, there is not any solution to obtain it?


Hi Again,

Dele i did as you said. Bria ( Sip client ) can register on openfire server ( i can see it by using ngrep ) but when a try to call it from web application I always get this error: org.jitsi.jigasi.openfire.JigasiPlugin - CallControlComponent - invalid conf id null admin@openfire/ofmeet6500

What that means?

Another question; on admin web page there is a section “SIP Client Registration”. Is it used for? I cannot undertand it.


I shall be writing a blog on how to use later when I finish the current wave of development, but in the meantime you use the SIP client registration to connect Openfire Meetings to a SIP proxy or PBX (like Asterisk) and the SIP server registration to specify the authorisation username/password for SIP phones to register directly with Openfire Meetings

Can you email me privately all your log files. It is the only way I can understand what the problem is.