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Smack-omemo rework #177 - ignores newly invited muc member if it does not have any previously established omemo session (14)
Smack-omemo rework #177 - During omemo muc messging setup and sending message, OmemoRatchet always throws CryptoFailedException etc (3)
How will smack api (4.1) handle connection losses /reconnects/ etc (7)
Smack-omemo rework #177 - TrustCallback can only be set once (4)
Smack-omemo rework #177 - OmemoService.getUndecidedDevices() includes its ownDevice in the list for TrustState checking during muc omemo messaging encryption (4)
Smack-omemo rework #177 - throws Exception (key.length == 0) from OmemoManager#encrypt() when buddy is offline (3)
Smack-omemo rework #177 - Newly installed omemoDevice failed to setup omemo messaging chat with existing contacts (4)
There is an issue in Smack documentation (2)
Smack 4.2.2 - fetch devicelist holds system for long period of time when server replies with <item-not-found /> (1)
Smack-legacy issue with workgroup stanza creation (6)
MUC presence error does not collected (6)
Smack OmemoService prekeys publish to server always failed on slow device (8)
Smack Omemo causes system crashes when buddy prekeys is empty or corrupted (3)
Smack OMEMO muc implementation support ( 2 ) (22)
Java-Bells: A Jingle implementation for Java based on LibJitsi, Ice4J and Smack ( 2 ) (26)
Smack OMEMO UndecidedOmemoIdentityException#getUntrustedDevices returns only undecidedOmemoIdentity (4)
Smack Code which IDE? (5)
Wrong priority for Presence stanza (2)
Bad performance of Flexible Offline Messages (2)
Smack 4.2.1-beta2-SNAPSHOT OmemoService#subscribeToDeviceLists starts up too late to process PEP_NODE_DEVICE_LIST_NOTIFY (4)
Smack OmemoService#subscribeToDeviceLists & #registerDeviceListListener happen too late to listen for PEPEvent to take actions (5)
Android Oreo ReconnectionManager crash (7)
Smack-omemo: Jid not available before login (10)
ReconnectionManager.reconnect() can throw NotConnectedException (3)
I want to create a group using smack (1)
Smack-omemo:4.2.1 and smack-android:4.2.1 dependencies problems (2)
Smack Omemo Identities Regenerate failed on slow android device due to reply timeout (2)
Smack omemo 4.2.1-beta2-SNAPSHOT enters endless loop in "Send RatchetUpdateMessage" on received message with invalid session (3)
Smack source compile for android API level 8 will crash with android internal bouncycastle libraries (3)
HostnameVerifier.verify not called with actual hostname (11)