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Connecting to a server that uses a self signed certificate (2)
Abort an ongoing connect/login attempt (11)
DelayInformation.from() should also check legacy namespace (3)
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Smack 4.3 BoBManager response to BobIQRequest with incorect StanzaId (5)
Fatal Exception: java.lang.IllegalStateException "Queue full" (11)
Smack 4.2.0-rc2 AbstractXMPPConnection#connect() does not return "policy-violation" to the calling application. (15)
Smack version 4.2.0-beta3 XMPPTCPConnectionConfiguration sethost() cannot have ip.addr as parameter (6)
XEP-0198 resume failure reconnect: resending of MUC messages (3)
Current state of aSmack (Smack for Android) (13)
Bug identified - Reconnection Manager not reconnectting with BOSHConnection (3)
Smack 4.4.0-alpha2: OmemoManager.init occasionally throws NoResponseException before the request stanza is sent (1)
Does MUC exist? (7)
Omemo session table with corruption records locked out omemo session (11)
Smack 4.3.0 Omemo Support (3)
Smack Omemo devices locked in a state unable to send or receive omemo message (5)
Exposing stream resumption information from TCP connection (3)
Development XEP-0348 IoT (1)
Bug identified - No supported and enabled SASL Mechanism provided by server using BOSH connection (2)
XEP-0221: Data Forms Media Element support request (5)
Smack-omemo rework #177 - Ignore Stale Devices option can lock out omemo messaging between devices (6)
Smack 4.2.4 public static XMPPError.Builder parseError(XmlPullParser parser) in PacketParserUtils class has problem (6)
Smack-omemo rework #177 - throws "No response received within reply timeout" even before stanzas are being sent (10)
Smack DNSSEC / DANE Security experimental features (3)
Smack 4.2.4 setDaneProvider in DNSUtil does not set the global daneProvider correctly (3)
Smack-omemo rework #177: OmemoManager purgeDeviceList() clean only server device list but not local database (4)
Pubsub Notification type (2)
Smack 4.2.3 always uses HostName instead of DomainName when requesting TLS certificate from ejabberd server (3)